Screaming Horror #3 by The Gurch

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Product Overview

We are pleased to announce that issue #3 is now complete and will be going to the printer this summer for an early Fall release.

The Gurch has worked for a year on this issue!!

We are NOT taking pre-orders for this issue.

Instead, we ask all Gurch's fans to let their local comic shop know that they want Screaming Horror #3!! We want the largest number of people ever to enjoy this new issue!!

So please tell your friends and get everyone to ask for this comic at their local comic shop.

Thanks, from The Gurch and FantaCo!!

Other Gurch news:

The Gurch has started work on a BOOK of his art!! Currently the book is scheduled to be 100 pages and feature ONLY GURCH ART!! Fans have asked us for this for decades and now, finally, The Gurch has relented and is hard at work on the volume. We anticipate a 2023 release date............More news to come!!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review