**ADULTS ONLY** Gutter Hunter - #1 Second Printing NEW!!!

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Product Overview

"The Adults Only Guide to history's wildest independent comics".

This is the Brand-New Second Printing!!

A phenomenal square bound 100-page, comic size guidebook to, well, exactly what it says on the cover!!

Incredibly detailed, funny and always interesting. Heavily illustrated, with many HOURS of reading!!

(And yes, FantaCo is represented - by our Gore Shriek comic.)

The first printing was only 600 copies and is now out of print. 

(If you want one of the original 600 first printing copies - see our listings).

Like we said, this is strong ADULTS ONLY material here due to the comics covered, so be forewarned if you don't know the material.

If you are an underground comix fan you will NOT be disappointed!!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review