Coming in March 2023

Jan 30th 2023

Coming in March 2023

After Hours #1 facsimile edition 


After Hours "the 25th Hour" Vol. 1 Number 1 1957

In 1957, Jim Warren launched his first magazine, before Famous Monsters of Filmland came After Dark. Cashing in on the trend set by magazines like Playboy.Contents include : Bride to Be, Miss Teree on TV, Soldier of Fortune Photographer, Strange City, 36 Men and a Redhead, East Meets West, Adult cartoons and Bettie Page, After Hours girl of the Month centerfold.

Dr. Korvus Children of the Abyss #1 (of 4)


Dr. Korvus makes comic shops safe for humanity 

This March, comic fans will have the opportunity to delve into the adventures of the mad scientist Dr. Korvus, his cybernetic rat assistant, Plato, and former policeman Tom Wilson, as they protect Victorian London from an ancient menace. Having made his debut in Shriek in October, this will be the good doctor’s first full appearance, as he takes center stage in the first issue of Dr. Korvus: Children of the Abyss, a four-issue series issued by FantaCo Enterprises. The books, written by Eric Stanway and illustrated by Jeff Bonivert, are adapted from Stanway’s series of steampunk novels. In this, their first adventure, the trio are faced with a race of ancient creatures, rising from out of the ground, threatening the populace of Victorian London, their objective being the overthrow of the human race. Dr. Korvus, a mad visionary, stands in their way, with his technologically augmented rat, Plato, by his side. Together with Wilson, they brave certain death in their struggle against the invaders. The series, which begins in March, will continue bimonthly until September, when the final battle will play out. Further exploits will ensue, with adaptations of The Horror of Alderley Edge and Blood at Croglin Grange. Dr. Korvus: Children of the Abyss No. 1 will be released in March,