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New York- FantaCo Enterprises has joined forces with and author/ journalist Dennis Daniel to launch a new horror magazine for true obsessives. Based on Daniel’s recent critically acclaimed best-selling book THE HORROR! THE HORROR! A FILM FANATICS OBSESSION WITH THE CINEMA OF THE MACABRE, Cinema Macabre, a black-and-white quarterly publication with Daniel serving as editor-in-chief.

Daniel, a Clio Award-winning journalist with over forty years’ experience and writing credits in Fangoria, Film Threat, Psychotronic, Delirium and Deep Red, to name a few, says he saw a need for something new in the horror market. “I felt it was time for a different kind of horror film publication. One that revels in the love of the genre with articles and reviews that are heartfelt and personal rather than dry and academic. The magazine will not be a PR publication pushing films in production. We are not here for the studios, we’re here for the fans. Cinema Macabre will focus on films, past and present, that have given viewers joy. I also want to help readers get turned on to new kinds of cinema in the genre. Cinema Macabre will be both a love letter and a guide to all that is macabre in cinema!”

The quarterly publication will cover a broad range of genres and subgenres including horror, exploitation, Avant Garde cinema, independent features, and more. Daniel, actress and writer Debra Lamb (Dark Beauty Magazine), and author/journalist Preston Fassel (Fangoria magazine, Beasts of 42nd Street) will have regular columns. The debut issue will feature work from Chris Alexander, Vanessa Hexe, Heather Drain, Pam Murray, David L Tamarin, Monte Light, Tim Ritter, Kris Gilpin, John Walter Szpunar, Gail Flug, Simon Pritchard, Teresa Yamas, Fredrick Gilmore, and more.


Rather than using film stills or press photos, each issue will feature original color cover and back cover paintings by Angelo Mariano.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review