Creature from the Black Lagoon Novel limited hardcover

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Special limited edition hardcover!!

Creature From the Black Lagoon is one of the all-time favorite films of monster fans. The original novelization, by Vargo Statten (a.k.a. John Russell Fearn) was only published in England as a digest paperback by Dragon Books in 1954. Later it was also done as a hardcover. Both versions are incredibly rare and very expensive (in the $5000 and up range). This is the first time this has been published in the US, with the added bonus of an intro by Creature fan, David Schow and dozens of photos, many of which have never been published before. Thick 6" X 9" format, first hardcover printing limited to just 750 copies for the entire world.

Everyone here LOVES this book!!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review