Deep Red 2 Digital Edition

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Digging deep into the vault of exploitation celluloid, the “Splat-Pack” returns with behind-the-scenes articles on the releases of Combat Shock, Street Trash and Deadbeat at Dawn. Deep Red interviews with Tom Savini and Donald Farmer, and features on Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Twin Peaks, Mandy, Harlan Ellison and a rarely seen essay by Chas Balun. Award winning artist, Matt Carr, shows you step by step how to draw a monster. Deep Red regulars The Gore Score, The Sleaze Score, Gore Scoreboard and It’s Bloodier at Midnight all return to spill some fresh blood!


This 100-page all color book features today’s leading horror writers, and artists digging up the gore on the low-budget shlock industry and exploring tomorrow’s underground classics.

Bram-Stoker award nominated author, John Walter Szpunar brings Chas Balun’s creation to a new generation of splatter fans with Deep Red!!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review