Deep Red Volume 4 #2 softcover

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The entire Deep Red gang returns, under the direction of editor John Szpunar, for the second ALL NEW issue, this time in FULL GORY COLOR!!

Don't miss this jam packed, blood drenched issue!!! Also Available in limited edition Hardcover. Ships late November 2019.




John Szpunar 





James Whiting  





Chas Balun 


Stephen R. Bissette 


Chris Poggiali 


Kris Gilpin  


Greg Goodsell 


Keith Crocker 


Dennis Daniel 


Donald Farmer 


Shane M. Dallmann 


Nick Cato 


Jamie Chimino 


Mike Hunchback 


Cecil Doyle 


Dave Kosanke 


Bruce Holecheck  


David Zuzelo 


Art Ettinger 


John Szpunar   





Karl Dahmer 


Mort Todd  


Chas Balun 


Eric Rot 


Rolf Stark 


Stephen R. Bissette  





Chas Balun & Chris Amouroux  



Once again, we are very proud to bring you the latest news, reviews, and in-depth articles and interviews that you will find NOWHERE else!  Yes, that’s right!  The Splat Pack has assembled once more in a dark and unholy mass… and we’re coming to get YOU!


Steve Bissette.  Greg Goodsell.  Shane M. Dallmann.  Dennis Daniel.  Kris Gilpin.  The core team of Chas Balun’s legendary Deep Red magazine.  All sharing the same pages once more… and this time, the pages are in  FULL BLOODY COLOR!


And… it warms our collective hearts to make this ASTONISHING announcement!  We will be printing a rarely seen essay written by our beloved founder, Uncle Chas himself!  Halleluiah and praise the GORE!


The rest of the gang is here as well!  Nick Cato!  Chris Poggiali!  Art Ettinger!  Mike Hunchback! Bruce Holecheck! David Zuzelo!  Can it possibly get any better than THIS?


The simple answer is, yes.  Yes, it can!  Deep Red is always adding to its sterling stable of talent, and you won’t believe what we have lined up for you!


Cecil Doyle (of the legendary zine Subhuman) has joined the DR team with his ground-breaking Sleaze Score column!  Keith Crocker (of  Exploitation Journal fame) makes his triumphant return to the printed page as he  deciphers the secrets of Invasion of the Girl Snatchers!  Director Donald Farmer (of the late, great Splatter Times) is back and ready for action!  Archivist Jamie Chimino wallows in the gutter with Street Trash’s Mike Lackey! And Liquid Cheese’s Dave Kosanke rounds things out with a bevy of brutal Gore Score reviews!


If original artwork is what you crave, we’ve got you covered, as well!  Did we mention that staffers Steve Bissette, “Putrid” Matt Carr, and Eric Rot are back? How about the amazing Rolf Stark (of Gore Shriek and Taboo fame)?  Well, now we did—so fasten your drool-cups and get yourselves ready for FantaCo’s LATEST treat for the mind and eye!


Crouch next to Chris Poggiali as he discusses the ill-fated U.S. release of Cannibal Holocaust with distributor Larry Joachim!  Listen in as Dennis Daniel talks to Tom Savini in an exclusive NEW interview!  Join the fun as we sit down with Buddy Giovinazzo for a round table conversation about Severin Films’ new restoration of Combat Shock!  Kick back with Psychotronic’s Michael J. Weldon for part two of our groundbreaking interview!  Frankenhooker’s James Lorinz talks genre films with Kris Gilpin!  Greg Goodsell dissects The Redeemer:  Son of Satan!  VanBebber talks Deadbeat at Dawn! Bissette examines The Texas Chain Saw Massacre!  Szpunar and Daniel return to Twin Peaks!  Shane M. Dallmann wrestles with remakes!


That’s just the tip of the iceberg, gang.  Join the party as Deep Red brings you 100 glossy pages of FULL COLOR fun!  This is YOUR prescription for horror!  See you in the front row!




(No reviews yet) Write a Review