Gorgo Attacks! -Digital Edition

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By Joe Sinnott, Joe Gill inks and Vince Colletta. -Digital PDF

At the height of the atomic war era, Gorgo took on the army, the navy, giant sea monsters, soviet war-mongering, and one-eyed space invaders.

Originally published in 1962, three legendary comics talents: Joe Sinnott, Joe Gill and Vince Colletta produced Gorgo. Gorgo Attacks! brings those stories together in one giant collection.

Collecting issues 5-10, 12, The Day Manhattan Died, And The Sea Spewed Death, Menace From the Sea, The Graveyard Of Lost Ships, Return To The Deep, The Venusian Terror, and Monsters Rendezvous including exclusive Gorgo art by Joe Sinnott.


Introduction by Mark Sinnott, Design by Jim Whiting in conjunction with the Sinnott family/Studio


(No reviews yet) Write a Review