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We have made an agreement with The Gurch to do a special Artist Edition of his upcoming Art Most Foul book!! ( here is the link to our campaign:

Why is this publication so special? Because the book will not only be signed and lettered but will come with an original piece of Gurch art done especially for this edition!! The art will not be bound into the book so that it can be framed.

These will NOT be quickly done sketches! The Gurch is spending several months working on the art for this Artist Edition. Gurch art is extremely rare as he has never sold any of his pieces.

In addition to the book you will also recieve a copy of the super limited Foulzine, a pulp paper zine that is an extension of the book in a comic size pulp magazine. This zine is only available when purchasing the Artist edition. A very limited number of single Foulzines are avaiable from our Kickstarter campaign while they last.

The book itself will be a super deluxe version of the hardcover, and will be safely protected by a sturdy slipcase.

Size is 8 1/2 X 11 inches with approx. 220 pages - ALL GURCH!!

This Artist Edition will be limited to just 26 lettered copies for the entire world and is ONLY available from us.

We anticipate the books shipping for a February delivery and are offering preorders now so the Gurch can finish doing the art for each preordered book.

This edition is only available from us and will not be distributed to stores or sold at wholesale.

First come, first served.

  • limited to just 26 copies for the entire world
  • signed and numbered by The Gurch himself
  • top quality sewn binding 
  • Comes in a beautiful, sturdy slipcase
  • 200+ pages of art by The Gurch
  • gilded page ends.
  • foil enhanced cover logo
  • a copy of Foulzine pulp comic zine
  • bound in satin bookmarkers
  • printed on 105# art paper

Let's see what the Gurch has to say:

"Hey there, welcome to my artistic journey laid out in this book, Art Most Foul. As you flip through these pages, you're diving into my exploration of dark and unsettling imaginative art. It’s more than just a collection of artworks; it’s a reflection of my passion for all things eerie, macabre, and bizarre, often flavoured with my own twisted sense of humour.

I have to say, it’s thrilling to see these ideas that popped into my head over the years now all collected in this handsome yet foul tome. From my very first published pieces to the specially produced works for this collection, you’ll witness how I’ve refined my craft in the spooky worlds of horror and monster art. Each piece tells its own story, some even capable of making the shadows jump, taking you on a journey through my sketches, drawings, and paintings where you can explore my creativity and imagination firsthand.

The dedication and detail invested in this book are profound, meticulously designed to heighten its eerie appeal and atmosphere. I hope you find the contents of this book wonderfully strange and strangely wonderful.

It is very much worth mentioning that acquiring original Gurch art is a rarity because ever since I have been making art, despite being asked repeatedly, I have never sold any of my pieces. This really is the first opportunity for anyone to acquire paintings and drawings by me. Outside of a select few commission jobs (that you could probably count on the fingers of one hand), there is very little found in the hands of collectors. I still own every single piece, except for some early art retained by publishers and a missing package of "lost" art that disappeared over the Atlantic on its way back to me."

Yours most fully,
The Gurch"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review