Screaming Horror #1 by The Gurch

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An entire first issue horror comic book by The Gurch!!!

He has redrawn and remastered the original (now a very expensive back issue) Tales of Screaming Horror comic book from 1991 into the new comic entitled simply, Screaming Horror #1.

This will be the first issue in a new series of horror comic books done entirely by The Gurch.

We are excited to bring you this first issue. 


*****Exclusive offer for Customers!!!*****

The Gurch has supplied us with ORIGINAL art panels of his story in this issue called "Wife on the Edge".

Each panel is signed by the Gurch on the reverse.

We will be randomly picking orders placed for this issue through our website.

Will YOU be one of the lucky customers to receive FREE original panel art by The Gurch?

Winners will be contacted on or before May 15, 2020





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(No reviews yet) Write a Review