Eerie Publications Portfolio: 13 from Hell

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Expected release date is Jul 31st 2023

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The Eerie portfolio is 11 X 14.5 inches.
Inside there are 13 full color cover images printed on heavy art stock.
Each set of 13 prints is in an eye-catching color folder (the image you see here is the front of the folder).
Each portfolio is shrink-wrapped for safety.
The back of the portfolio will show all 13 cover images contained so that it is not necessary to open the portfolio to see the prints.
Each portfolio is serial numbered and each print in each portfolio is serial numbered to its own portfolio.
Here are all 13 portfolio prints:
Weird Oct. 1968
Terror Tales May 1969
Weird May 1969
Horror Tales June 1969
Witches Tales July 1969
Tales of Voodoo September 1969
Weird Sept 1969
Tales of Voodoo Jan. 1970
Tales from the Tomb Dec. 1970
Weird Feb. 1971
Witches Tales Feb. 1972
Weird Oct. 1973
Terror Tales Dec. 1974

Use our Eerie book as a guide to view all 13 portfolio images used.

These are 13 of the most outrageous, violent and gory comic covers ever published.

Check back frequently as this portfolio is currently in production and we will be updating this listing with news as it occurs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review