Eerie Publications: The Complete Horror Covers Leatherbound First Edition

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We have never offered these before!! And the reason is as follows.

These are part of a very limited (only 50 copies produced) Edition of the First Printing book.

They are extremely high quality hardcovers bound in leather.

There are NO markings on the covers at all. The covers are blank.

The reason for this is that the bound books were going to receive a color paste down.

Unfortunately once we got the books, the company that was going to do the paste downs, went out of business!!

So, after much internal debate, we have decided to let collectors get these books as they are.

PLEASE remember that the covers are completely blank.

Each book is serial numbered out of 50.

We only have a handful of copies to sell as this edition was given to contributors.

This is the perfect scarce & unusual item for any Eerie Publications fan!!


NOTE: A photo will be posted soon. The covers are a burgundy color.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review