The Horror! The Horror! A Film Fanatic's Obsession with the Cinema of the Macabre PROOF COPY

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Dennis Daniel's new 300-page book is a hit!! This is the final proof copy we have. Only 5 proofs were printed.

There is a narrow grey band around the covers that says NOT FOR RESALE.

This celebratory journey is a love fest between veteran horror journalist Dennis Daniel and all forms of Macabre Cinema. From classics to movies most mainstream audiences have never heard of, you get it all! Daniel covers hundreds of films.  And while this book also includes a stellar list of contributors, what makes this opus a must-have purchase, is that you get pure unadulterated DD, ranting and raving about cinema in his own unique style! Daniel lives and breathes ALL cinema, which gives him unique insight into the films he covers here. THE HORROR! THE HORROR! is a crackling, must-read tome.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review