The Gurch Art Book: Art Most Foul

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For over 35 years fans have asked for a big book of art by The Gurch. Well, the time has almost arrived!!

Gurch has been working on a book of his art for two years now and the book should become a reality in the Fall of 2024.

This will be a big trade paperback, but we will also be selling a hardcover edition signed and numbered by the elusive Gurch himself.

The signed hardcover will only be available here on our website.

We are currently taking preorders for the special Artist Edition, which is signed, numbered and comes with original art by The Gurch.

**Please note that the price of $39.95 for the softcover is tentative and may change before it goes on sale**.

Embark on a spine-tingling odyssey through the twisted tapestry of comic-based horror art with "ART MOST FOUL." The Gurch, a virtuoso of the grotesque and grim, unveils his unsettling creations in this sumptuously illustrated compendium—a testament to The Gurch's dark artistry, harking back to his chilling contributions during the Gore Shriek heydays of the 1990s.
Within these pages, you will find the grotesque and the strange entwined in macabre elegance. The Gurch breathes unholy life into ghouls, monsters, and the unspeakable, with each pen stroke serving as a lyrical testimony to the artist's mastery of grim and gruesome imagery. 

This volume extends an alluring invitation, beckoning you to plunge into a creepy dreamscape where the bizarre and the odd converge. This gallery of nightmares is a visual escapade that delves deep into the shadows; each illustration serves as a portal into The Gurch’s vivid and twisted imagination. 

"Beware within lurks much artful terror!"—a chilling warning that resonates between the covers of "ART MOST FOUL," where every page is a gateway to the unknown.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review